Sound of Rum


BACARDÍ's latest 'Sound of Rum' campaign celebrates the brand's Caribbean heritage, the uniqueness and self expression that characterises it's mixologists and how their love for the brand, their craft and their passion infects it's consumer's to be magnetically, vibrantly and colourfully themselves. 

Featuring some of the top BACARDÍ bartenders we captured their cocktail-making tricks in full flow and the sounds that these generated. We partnered with hip hop artist and music producer Swizz Beatz to create a track exclusively made up of the sounds of a BACARDÍ bar that would become the driving force of this ASMR-inspired global campaign. 

I worked as part of the creative team that lead the campaign from top level concepts, to final executions. This multi-channel international campaign featured in most European markets including France and the USA and was delivered across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, our channels, our bartender's channels, TV and Cinema. 


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dark market

There was a specific need to create a version of the ad that would pass the very strict advertising 'Evin' laws in France. The ad was created with this in plan and every shot was planned in order to create a 30 second edit of the ad in which we could only feature the bartenders behind the bar.